Sometimes it was very scary.

The first operative bone case I assisted on, was my Dads fractured tibia. Drs. McNeal and Myers were operating him and I was just watching, when after they got the fracture exposed, the displacement was too much for them to plate and they asked me to pull it into place. I had no comprehension just how much power that took and when they kept hollering “Pull Harder”…and I was really really pulling…I had a moment flash that I wouldn’t be able to do it. They finally got it plated and closed but it was still 13 months before it was fully healed. I can still see Dad slaloming on one ski with his fractured leg in a posterior aluminum splint.

Another times was when I was covering Marty Kounen D.O. and got a call to make a house-call out in Parma somewhere. It was the first one at this place and it was for a child with asthma. I swear, when I got there, that child was so white and panicked that he was about to die from lack of oxygen. I called Marty and he told me to give him 1/2 cc of adrenaline. I did and it was barely seconds till the child was breathing and smiling and hugging me. I made many house-calls to this home in the years I spent in Ohio, and that child would always hug me when I arrived and when I left. I was humbled at his bravery. I sure prayed he would grow out of that horrible state of being. One more that continues to bug me…only a few years later. 🙂 There was a lady in her 50s that Marty would have me make house calls on about once a month. I was told to draw blood from her, then inject it into her buttocks….and charge her $10.00. I did it, she always thanked me and said it made her feel so much better. I never knew who or what I was treating, I just followed orders.

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