Uncommon experiences sublime!

I had written this to high school class mates which explains some of the language circumstances.

You know, I recently recalled something I’ve been wanting to share with you that I experienced some years go.  Remembering how we all enjoyed dancing down below in the bank on main street., and most of us that I can recall, were into square dancing etc.  Well, I was on a dive trip to Bonaire and we had a couple nights on Curacao island.  We were all taken to this large building that had a stage and a large inlaid tile dance floor.  There was a large excellent band with guitars, and drums and steel drums.  Out come a large group of couples dressed in native dress for the island…must have been at least 20 couples…brilliant colors and long dresses.  Men had white clothes with orange bands around their waists, they all wore straw or fiber sandals that were even unique and pretty.  They started dancing to the music as we all gathered around the dancefloor.  An announcer would announce the dance and I can barely remember names but they were names I’d heard in the past…quadrille, maringue (sp), mazurka, minuet, roundel and souk.  We quickly became amazed at the intricate footwork and flow of the dance as they went from one to another smoothly with no break in the music.  After they had danced for probably 30 minutes…they took a break and went around meeting our group.  THEN…each dance team member chose one of our group…men choosing a woman and vice versa….and she told me to make my feet go shooshashoosh as she demonstrated it…she took me by the outstretched hand and we started…and we did EVERY single dance they had just done.  It was incredible.  I was so impressed when I realized what was happening it was like a dream.  Like I had been doing it all my life.  No pix to show, but I wish you all could have experienced it.

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