Today’s World Feb. 2011

It’s so hard to not be impressed with modern technology.  I sit here in my log cabin, with surround sound stereo, front projected TV,  iMac computer swung slightly to my right side, with wireless keyboard and mouse.  And here I sit watching the unfolding of history right in front of me.  Egypt people have been under tyranny for 30 yrs and are now fighting to regain control of their country.  The media has been collected and now “protected”…we don’t know where, to prevent them from showing the live images of men vs men insanity in a big square in front of the main museum in Cairo.  A world heritage site…history dating back 6000 yrs and these insane people want to raid it and destroy it.  The final outcome will come long after I’ve typed this but to be able to sit here and watch it happen is incredible.  I’m ashamed of my vocabulary.  I don’t have the words to describe what I’m seeing or my feelings.

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