What a life!

Lordy, lordy, lordy! I have had such a life and want to share it here with you (mostly for my kids). I will try hard to not include the bad things, but some of it will be necessary obviously. I mean, really….4 marriages…certainly nothing bad in that area. 🙂 My mind is a jumble at the moment and I sure can’t put into perspective and maintain continuity of this but hopefully, it will come together. Charles helped me with the upload of images just now and I’m swimming with techno geek brain burn.
So! The first house I can remember was on Hamilton Street in South Bethlehem Pa. Immediately across the street from the school…which had a schoolbell that called us to class. Hazel McUllagh (sp) taught three grades in one room. I don’t remember what was upstairs …if anything. The important part is, that there were three grades in one room. Two rows front to back of 1st grade, then two rows of 2nd grade, and finally two rows of 3rd grade. Single seat desk with an ink well top right and a storage area under the top of the desk. I was unusually fortunate to be able to go to school when I was 5 yrs old. It made me the youngest in the class all the way thru every school I was in. One more day older and I would have had to wait till I was 6. Hazel would teach the first graders something and then leave them to do work and then go to 2nd graders and teach and then leave them to work on something, then on to 3rd graders. The things we had to do were so non challenging to me that I learned all three grades the first year. One of the memories was of the Palmer writing method (I hope that’s the right word)…which gave one the subtle hand movements to write in cursive. I learned cursive and printing at the same time. Another was the Dick and Jane book with Spot. I still think it was the best to have learned from. My Dad always read the funnies and would read them to me and my sisters. When I was learned enough to read, I read the funnies too, and still do to this day. He told me, and i’ll tell you, that a cartoonist is a special person to be able to produce a plot and pictures to combine…daily. I just can’t get that thought into my kids. Frustrating. It really takes a special ability to do that. One other important memory of that school was when I was in 3rd grade…sitting in the second seat, rightmost row, behind Joan Imhoff, and there was just No Other Logical place for that braid than that inkwell that it kept swinging by. Of course I can still remember sitting in the corner with the dunce cap on. Farrel Doverspike was a deaf-mute that cleaned the school and did janitorial/engineer work. He showed me the first flash book of porn that I had ever seen. I suspect I was in 3rd grade at that time. I was awed how rapidly flipping the pages made the drawings appear like motion. He never molested me, or to my knowledge, anyone else. I once had the measles and was placed in contagion, not allowed to go to school, which really frustrated me. I had my first episode of a recurring dream in that house. I can remember my parents bringing my youngest sister home after she was born, so I had to be 4 yrs old….but also at that same time…the babysitter had to be rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. White Clove Salve…was advertised in lots of places AND in comic books. They had just started coming out and I could read most of what I got. I took a lead from them and sold White Clove Salve just to be able to get what I thought was a doctors syringe. I sent the money and clippings in as described in the book and in a few weeks, my “syringe” came in the mail. I was SO proud…till my folks found out and showed me that it was a comedone extractor meant to suck out blackheads. They took it from me. I have no idea why.
Cokeoven Johnny next

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