More Childhood

This is the second time I’ve typed this.  On my mini-laptop “PeeWee”.  Very appropriately titled.  I never intended to use it as a for real laptop, but logistics in Kenosha have me at ends.  I’ve felt it unusual that I can remember my first sensation/learning/introduction to “abstract”.   My youngest sister Karen wasn’t born yet, so I had to be 4 or less.  Donna and I were being baby sat by Ralph Bowersox, and he was playing cards.  He showed me how to grab the pile of the deck of cards in disarray and then how to align them all properly in the same configuration.  I was impressed like an wow moment or an epiphany.  I’m sure there were many others, like in math and geometry and algebra, but learning “abstract” in art was also an eye/mind opener.  This subject is an anthropological exercise.

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