Was pretty awesome for me.  I have some fun and some unusual memories.  I can recall my first electric train.  My first pocket knife and that I cut myself with it and learned not to do it again.  Can only barely recall getting lifted off the floor and having my arm pulled up into the wringer on the washing machine.  I have a large scar under my proximal right arm so I assume I went unconscious as I only remember the wringer and how it worked.  I played for hours with tinker toys and my favorite was a kit where you put things together with nuts and bolts and then try them out with a motor that had gears attached so I could run hi and low speeds and reverse…and for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the toy set. sigh  Being the first child and a boy was an advantage that I saw but didn’t comprehend till many years later.  Obviously they both wanted a son.  Fine with me.  Dad had the first bicycle with a motor on it..a Briggs and Stratton motor on the back rack with belt drive and I rode in the front basket, down to the dam where he would stand me at the top of the falls and he would jump down to below the falls, about 6-8 ft.  Then tell me to jump.  I was in diapers.  If I sat down, I got washed over the falls, if I tried to run, turn around or move…I was washed over the falls.  Then he would take me literally under the falls to show me there was air there and I could breath behind the falling water.  I can honestly still remember this, and it was scary at first.  Later, that water was my source of life.  Performed my first CPR (Boy Scout Shaffer arm lift method)…on the brother of a friend of mine.  I was 12.  Little brother was the son of the town cop…10 yrs old.  He wasn”t swimming in the same vicinity as I, so we didn’t notice him gone until too late.  Sad.  Felt so strange trying to wish life into that body laying face down on the creek bank.

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