Well. Charles wrote a program to resize images to satisfactory for uploading here. I spent a LOT of time choosing photos and running them thru that program, but….a BUNCH didn’t resize. In the meantime I’ve moved them back to their original folder. My brain hurts. Charles is doing this on purpose. He has this fantasy that he’s gonna groom me to a more elevated ability in computing. hehehe I could barely exist on a computer without him. I’m not even sure this is where I should be posting, and I’m sure he’ll inform me. (thanks Charles.)
Now, I’ve been told that my photography is “eclectic”. I’ll let you Google it. I try to carry my camera constantly. And I do pretty much do just that. Then I photograph things that catch my eye. Unusual….perhaps. Unique…frequently. Some just plain documentary that I’ve taken on Auto and have no sense of artistic input. My son Chris and Charles have gotten me into PhotoShop and I can say that it is simply wonderful. I bought the book Photoshop for Dummies and it has almost everything one needs to learn. The creative impulse…that’s something different. Wish I had more of it. Ok, off to upload some image.

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